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Since rope is a foundational piece of so many of the rescue techniques we teach, it follows that knots are an essential part of a rescuer’s skill-set. Nobody is a “natural” at knot-tying. It is a skill that only comes with regular practice. Everyone learned how to tie their shoes at a young age with a simple bow, and in a short time, it became second nature. And since we continue to tie our shoes every day, the mechanics of it are so ingrained in our brains that we could confidently tie that knot even in an incredibly high-stress / urgent situation.

For the rescuer, that kind of muscle-memory for a few other important rescue knots is one of the most valuable skills to build. There are literally thousands of knots, and lots of debate about which knot is best for each particular situation and with each type of rope. At Roco Rescue, our teaching approach is to master a few knots that can be used across many scenarios. We know you don’t have hours of time to learn and continually practice tying 48 different knots, so we focus on a few of the most useful ones. That said, we do recommend building a habit of regular practice so that, just like tying your shoes, it becomes second nature.



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