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The Roco Training Center, located in Baton Rouge, is a state-of-the-art, world-class training facility for technical rope rescue. Our 5-story prop is designed to simulate a wide array of rescue scenarios and configurations for urban and industrial environments. It features all six Confined Space Types as described in OSHA 1910.146 Permit-Required Confined Space regulation – allowing emergency response personnel to meet all minimum rescue practice requirements at one location.

Roco Training Center - Campus Map

Each year we host approximately 2,500 students from across North America and internationally. This includes emergency responders from the fire service, industrial facilities, tactical and the military. Training options include confined space and high angle rescue, tower work and rescue, trench rescue and fall protection. The training center features numerous field stations where we conduct trench training, as well as vehicle extrication and building collapse courses.

Most importantly, the training center provides a safe, controlled learning environment where students can acquire and practice their newly learned rescue skills. Hands-on experience is the foundation of all Roco courses. Rescue exercises are carefully monitored by Roco instructors and include redundancy in rescue equipment for added safety. Our students often comment how they “came in with very little rescue experience and leave confident they can perform a rescue.”

Because the Roco Training Center (RTC) is a “living, breathing entity,” returning teams can expect different scenarios and new features. Continual modifications are made based on the needs of our clients. Examples include: a cold box simulator, an agitator, and a pipe rack project.

Two of our most popular rescue stations include the “drop test” and the “ball pit.” The drop test (or belay) prop teaches students how to properly catch a falling load. It demonstrates the importance of proper set-up and operation of a belay system. It also illustrates what happens to our rescue systems when they are shock loaded! The ball pit simulates a grain elevator, where the team must rescue a partially buried victim without stepping on the “grain,” as this will cause the victim to slip even further.

Training options include open-enrollment courses conducted throughout the year, as well as privately scheduled training based on a client’s specific needs. Click here for more information on our courses.

The Roco Training Center has been a proud OSHA VPP Star Worksite since 2013. Our safety philosophy is emphasized in our company motto, “There’s a safe way, and a safer way!”

“I was impressed by the knowledge and expertise of the instructors. And the prop was fantastic!”

Garrett S. — Sioux City FD

“Came in with little to beginner knowledge and feel really comfortable going to the field with the experience I learned. Being on the prop and running scenarios was the best part!”

Craig E. — Phillips 66

The Roco Training Center is also home to the annual Roco Rescue Challenge. Most scenarios put before the teams have been a real incident at a facility somewhere.

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