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Flashlights and Pocketknives

I love flashlights and pocketknives. Always have. One of the high points of my youth was when my dad finally trusted me enough to carry a pocketknife. From that moment…

Roco Rescue Challenge 2023 Video

Check out our latest video from Challenge  

What Does NFPA Have to Say about Confined Spaces? (Part 2)

A How-To Guide for Selecting a Rescue Service In the first article in this series, we provided a high-level overview of NFPA 350 Guide for Safe Confined Space Entry and…

10/07/2024 - 10/11/2024

Confined space and high angle rescue in industrial and offshore platform environments. This course is the first step towards Rescue Technician certification.

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Cobra Rescue Harness

Limited Stock - Featuring the World’s Safest Buckle, this Co-Designed Roco / CMC Cobra Rescue Harness has been the harness of choice for Rescuers and Technicians alike...

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Marine Standby Rescue

OSHA compliant standby marine rescue for bridge construction, dock maintenance and other crews.

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A Safer WayTM

Safety is deeply ingrained in our culture, and we practice what we preach. Our motto is, “There’s a safe way, and a safer way.” Earning OSHA’s VPP Star is external validation of our commitment to safety.

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