The Roco Story

When Roco Rescue started training and equipping emergency responders, confined space rescue didn’t even exist as a discipline.

Roco was, at the time, a leader in what was referred to as Structural Rescue (now referred to as Technical Rope Rescue, or simply Rope Rescue). As Roco developed and refined specialized rope techniques for the fire service and law enforcement, the industrial safety world was identifying an alarming trend of serious and fatal incidents in confined spaces. As emergency responders themselves, Roco personnel soon recognized and saw first-hand the impact that improved safety and rescue training could have on industrial responders. And, that’s how it all began.

When OSHA first developed its permit-required confined space regulation (29 CFR 1910.146), Roco provided input from its industrial rescue experience to help maximize the effect the standard would have in preventing and successfully managing incidents. In fact, OSHA later approved Roco’s Confined Space Types Chart as one acceptable method to classify confined spaces. Roco continues to provide recommendations and request updated interpretations to assist our customers with their compliance needs.

To view a brief timeline highlighting Roco’s major company milestones click here.

Who We Are

Roco covers every dimension of rescue: training, standby rescue services and equipment.

What We Do

Confined Space Rescue, Rope Rescue, Rescue from Fall Protection, Tower Rescue, Trench Rescue, Structural Collapse Rescue, Combat Technical Rescue®, Rope Access, Tactical Container Access, Advanced Combat Egress, CASEVAC Extraction, Urban Climbing

Where We Do It

We provide private training for industrial safety, municipal, and military teams in any facility worldwide, and we provide open enrollment training at the Roco Training Center and other partner locations across the US.





Today, Roco instructors and standby rescuers are top of their field; not only do they test and teach the newest techniques and tools, they also actively design better strategies and equipment, holding patents for some of their inventions.

Roco’s work has not only influenced the regulatory frameworks that shape industry, but also the techniques used by emergency responders and even how rescues are performed on the battlefield.

Over the years more than 68,000 firefighters, industrial responders, Pararescuemen, other military members, EMS operators, and law enforcement officers have passed through Roco Rescue’s world-renowned training. Graduates of Roco courses have gone on to save lives as part of industrial rescue teams, FEMA teams, or as firefighters, Pararescuemen and members of other special operations units.

Preventing incidents from occurring but being ready if they happen is the goal of Roco’s standby rescue teams. Our teams have provided rescue services for turnarounds and expansions as well as daily operations at hundreds of refineries, chemical plants, computer manufacturers and other specialty facilities around the world. As well as performing successful rescues, these teams do the critical work of developing rescue strategies as well as making recommendations for improvements to reduce incidents of death and injury.

Our People

Chris Warrick

Chris Warrick

CSRT Crew Member
Medical Program Manager

Denver Payne

Denver Payne

CSRT Planning and Operations

Terry Addison

Terry Addison

Chief Instructor

Kimberly LeBlanc

Kimberly LeBlanc

CSRT Invoicing Coordinator

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